Social Media Trends: To Jump on the Bandwagon or Wait for Time to Tell?

Social media trends are popping up by the second. Some, like Facebook and hashtags, become a household name, while others are gone before the world even knows they existed. Because of the sheer number and volatility of social media trends, it’s physically impossible for you to act on every single one of them. But, a certain number of them become a necessity in order to remain relevant with your audience. The challenge is discerning between the two.

One way to weigh the value of a social media trend is the amount of time and investment it will take to act on it. For example, a new platform or new way of posting takes a chunk of time for establishing your brand profile, exploring the platform’s unique tools and intricacies, and developing content suited to the platform’s communication parameters. New platforms also take longer to stick, so waiting to see what its longevity will look like is not likely put your business behind the game. Often, other businesses will hold off for the same reason.

In the case of a trending hashtag, it can be beneficial to hop on the bandwagon and take the opportunity to get involved. Creation of short-form content or quick engagement surrounding a trending hashtag or social media conversation places very little strain on your staff and can yield great exposure for your brand. Engagement about trending issues in your industry or customer concerns can establish your brand as a thought leader in the eyes of your consumers.

Whether you’re jumping in on a trending conversation or you’ve identified a new social media platform with long-term promise, a marketing strategy is critical to communication success. SJC Marketing helps many businesses develop both a marketing strategy and a social media strategy in order to provide structure for all brand communications. Strategies ensure your social media content and the decisions you make about social media trends are cohesive to the overarching brand goals and message.

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