Social Media Trends for the 2014 Holiday Season

While consumers are still finding the best pumpkin for carving and focused on winning the costumeSocial Media Marketing 5 contest, you need to begin thinking about the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Marketing, as a whole, takes time to create and execute. This includes any and all social media marketing you plan on including. Marketing has always been crucial to the success of a business, but take a look at some of the new marketing social media trends for 2014:

  1. Opportunity for social marketing has gotten even bigger.
    The number of individuals on social media platforms has only grown since last year. This means you have the opportunity to reach a whole new set of people.
  2. Facebook is still at the top of social media trends.
    According to a survey done by Hubspot, 92 percent of marketers are planning on spending the majority of their social marketing budget on Facebook.
  3. Social media trends point toward platforms being successful.
    If the platforms didn’t provide success last year, 67 percent of marketers wouldn’t be spending more this holiday season than last year.
  4. Don’t try something new right now.
    Almost 50 percent of marketers aren’t going to be trying out untested and new networks; they plan on sticking with what they know.

Social media trends can often seem like a foreign concept, if you don’t keep up with them consistently. These trends mean that you should consider what’s going on right now in your industry and on your platforms. If you have great organic reach on Facebook and that’s where your target market is, consider giving it a boost during the holiday season. Just be sure you’re creating a plan of action before diving in.

If you’re interested in seeing what social media trends might work for you this holiday season, now is the time to have that conversation. Contact Susan J. Campbell today for a social media strategy for the holiday season.