Social Media Tools Help You Reach a Larger Audience

Drive More Customer Engagement With Social Media Tools Like Facebook Groups

social media toolsYou’ve probably put a lot of thought, effort and sweat equity into your products/services. You’ve done everything you can to make what you offer among the best in the market. What are you doing to put those efforts out in front of a larger audience? Have you considered social media tools that can help you cast a wider net?

It’s not enough to simply open a Facebook and/or Twitter account and put daily status updates or tweets up on your pages and expect to pull in an ever-growing community of potential clients. One of the social media tools you should be thinking about investing more thought in includes Facebook Groups. This is a tool that helps you segment your customers while also improving your customer service.

Any business owner who has successfully segmented their audience and provided a richer customer experience can tell you they’ve increased their sales as a result. There are currently 6,000-plus Facebook Groups you can join. Look through the Facebook Graph Search to get started on the search for appropriate groups to join. Try to keep your focus on 20 or fewer groups. Look for groups with a large number of active members, very little spamming behaviors, and a business objectives description that fits the bill.

You want your groups to have the same business goals as you, so thoroughly read the “about” section. Don’t partner with groups that are focusing too heavily on promotions and sales, as this will not help you improve your community engagement.

Once you get involved in groups you’ll find that communication flows smoothly and easily. The communication aspect is what you should be looking for in your social media tools. You’ll find marketing your products and services can happen in the course of a day but without spamming anyone.

Feel free to discuss current events and trends in your groups, and sparingly reveal offerings to your group. If you’re preparing for a business event, ask your group for advice. This not only gives you free pointers from an educated source, it shows that you’re open to discussion and value the opinions and the people you’ve established relationships within this group.

Need more assistance navigating the landscape of social media tools? Contact SJC for guidance. We’ve got years of experience in social media marketing and know how to help you get out in front of the right people.

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