Does Your Social Media Strategy Help You Engage Your Target Audience?

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Personalized Marketing That Connects With Your Audience

Personalized marketing is one of the big trends of 2018, and one of the best opportunities for demonstrating your personal connection is through your social media strategies. Personalization provides a host of benefits, including better customer loyalty, increased conversions and ideally, it will create a buzz around your brand on social media platforms. Here’s how you can get started:

Assess your data, and collect more if necessary. If you’re using tools like Google Analytics, you can know a lot about your target audience, including age, gender, education level, job title and even some information about their hobbies and whether they have kids or like to travel.

If you find that there are gaps in your data that are keeping you from engaging in personalized marketing, try one of the following tricks and techniques:

  • Run a contest, requiring participants to fill in the missing data in fields on their entry form. Make sure it’s a prize worth a little info, and try to limit your fields so they don’t bail out on the contest.
  • Create a poll on social media, asking your audience to respond to a question that gives you insight into your best approach for social media strategies.

Create your personas. You can segment data into some broad categories for your personalization, but you should get more micro. Create a few buyer personas that “look” like your ideal customer, determining key characteristics, such as their income and education level, where they shop and what types of content they tend to share on social media. Get as detailed as you can.

Create your content and distribute wisely. Your content pieces should add value to your personas, by solving a common problem, addressing a current controversy or reviewing a trend. You should also have some information from your data studies that tell you which formats your ideal buyers prefer, as well as the social media platforms where they tend to hang out.

Be a human on social media. Try some easy ways to personalize your message through common-sense social media strategies. For instance, always focus on keeping interactions professional, but human-to-human, rather than speaking in a formal, corporate tone. You can also include their first name when you interact, which lends a tone of friendliness to the conversation.

If you need assistance compiling all of that data, or figuring out which data matters for your brand, talk with our marketing specialists at SJC Marketing. We can help you devise social media strategies that help engage your audience with a personalized touch.

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