Social Media Strategies for a Message That is Consistent

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How to Keep a Uniform Brand Message Across Every Channel

If you’ve been prioritizing social media strategies, then you know that there’s a lot to keep a marketing team hopping. There are a number of different platforms, and trends are constantly changing. How can you develop a brand message that’s easily tailored to each of these channels yet is consistent?

Being social media savvy requires the ability to nimbly jump from one platform to the next, matching the tenor of that site but without losing your identity. Here are four social media strategies that can help you keep the identify of your brand at the forefront of your social media strategy:

Have a solid idea of who you are. What makes you different from your competitors? This is your brand message, and it should shape all of your social media activities. For instance, what does your voice sound like in communications? Are you quirky and fun or does your industry demand a more authoritative voice?

Once you’ve defined the personality of your brand, make sure that your voice is consistent across every piece of content and every posting and comment. Your target audience should feel like they are talking with the same “person” every time they interact with your brand.

Choose a look, and stick with it. It may be tempting to create unique profile pictures and tag lines for each social media platform, based on who you think hangs out there and what the focus of that platform is. For instance, you may feel like Instagram’s profile should have a different feel than the one you post on LinkedIn.

Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, you want to carefully choose one image that will be used across all of your social media programs. Think about the brand logos that are instantly recognizable like Pepsi, Nike and Starbucks. Those logos have been used for decades, persisting through changing trends and fads. Your plan will extend far beyond your logo, of course, but you should be sure that your colors, logo and imaging are consistent.

Know who you’re talking to. How you craft your own voice depends a lot on who you’re talking to. This is where small- and mid-size businesses often shine, because social media isn’t always kind to large corporate types. A great example of this occurred recently, when Twitter users immediately lashed out at United Airlines for using the term “re-accommodate” to talk about a passenger being physically, and some say violently, removed from his seat. Social media isn’t a great environment for corporate euphemisms.

Get a view from the top. Managing social media strategies can get complicated if you’re serious about engaging with your target audience. Many marketers find a content calendar to be helpful, but there are also dashboards that make it easy to see what’s happening on your various social media platforms. You can time posts to automatically appear on social media, according to strategic assignments, and you’ll be able to respond immediately to comments.

If your social media strategies need readjusted, or if you’re new to social media and have no idea where to start, call on SJC Marketing. With a dedicated social media team, we can help you craft the perfect online presence to help your brand shine.

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