Social Media for Startups Must Begin With a Strong Strategy Plan

Strategic Marketing Plans are the First Step for New Businesses

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? It’s an age old question that has had people scratching their heads for generations. Applied to any situation, this conundrum proves a point. How can we say which comes first, when both play such a vital role? Such can be said about social media for startups and when those new businesses should create their strategic marketing plan.

Taking the leap in starting a business is a huge decision. You want to make sure each step you take after that is measured, researched and taken with confidence. Here are elements of a strong strategic marketing plan to implement when creating social media for startups.

Start strong: Begin your social media plan by first choosing platforms that give you access to the right consumers in your target audience. Social media platforms can be broken down by demographics like age, gender, education and interests. For example, be aware that if you are B2B, your target audience is going to be on LinkedIn. In contrast, consumers are more likely to engage on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Use customer feedback to help direct your strategic marketing plan for the future: Using social media for customer feedback can help you track campaigns that work for you and also allows you to respond to your consumers in real time. You can also use insights and data to track the type of content your consumers are responding to more than other content. For example, you may see a spike in engagement the same time you posted a video to your timeline. This data lets you know that your consumers are more likely to engage in your content if you show them videos so you should integrate that type of content on a regular basis.

Make your consumers work for you: Social media for startups is a powerful tool because consumers are happy to talk. And when they are happy about a product or service, they become a powerful advocate for your brand. Your strategic marketing plan should include a plan in collecting a list of social media super users. Provide these users with the language and products they need to help your brand reach other consumers and you will expand your audience in record time.

So if we are keeping track, it is clear that your strategic marketing plan must come first before you begin your new business’s social media. This targeted, organized plan gives you action steps to keep you organized and effective. For more information about strategic plans and marketing, sign up for our SJC Marketing newsletter today.