Social Media Management: Tips for Success

Are you ready to drive social media management for your benefit?

You’ve put your brand on the correct social media platforms, but you aren’t positive if you’re doing everythingSocial Media management correctly. Discovering and implementing some of the best practices for each platform is only going to help your brand see better results with social media management.

The ever-changing algorithms on most platforms and search engines will push you to look over and change your own strategy consistently. However, these tips will always be relevant:

  1. Don’t pay close attention to the number of likes or followers on your page. Focus your energy on post likes/favorites, comments and shares/retweets. These will prompt more engagement, which pushes your reach higher. This is the ultimate goal of social media management.
  2. Push out a variety of posts such as videos, text, images and links. Repeating similar types of posts on a regular basis will cause your audience to grow weary of your posts. Changing it up will increase the level of engagement you see.
  3. Try to space your updates throughout the day. Creating a cluster will decrease how many eyes see your posts. Look at the insights on your channels and see what hours your audience tends to be the most active. Social media management is as much about knowing your audience as it is about creating quality content.
  4. Utilize keywords on a regular basis. No matter which platforms your brand is on, keywords will continue to be a necessary piece when writing posts. Do some research and find out what your followers and target audience are looking for.
  5. Post valuable information for your audience. You may have a certain message you want to share with your followers. However, if that’s not what they want to read, your platforms will quickly reflect that. Your purpose should be to build relationships, not simply push your product or services.

Social media management requires consistent effort from within your company or organization. SJC is here to partner with you to create quality relationships and active social media platforms. Contact us today!