SEO Writing as a Conversion Tool

SEO writing

Simple, Strategic Steps Make a Big Difference in Marketing Plans

SEO can appear to be a beast at times. You may be tempted to leave it out of your business’s strategic marketing plan because it appears to take so much time before you see return on your investment. In truth, a few simple SEO writing tactics can quickly set you up for higher conversion rates.

SEO Writing Should Show Genuine Interest in Your Consumers

Your target audience is consumed with the daily challenges they face. The only way your product or service will squeeze its way into a consumer’s mind is if you can provide a drastic change for the positive. You can discover what this drastic change might be by taking a genuine interest in your consumers.

Examining demographics can help you identify the segments of the audience you struggle to convert. And, whether you interact with consumers in person or online, listening to chatter can give you insight to their personal troubles.

For example, a gym owner might wonder why advertisements lauding fitness results aren’t creating engagement or conversions. An examination of the disinterested target audience might reveal it is comprised of young mothers.

Chatter from this audience segment might further reveal that the roadblock to their gym attendance is not a lack of desire for fit physiques, but the lack of reliable childcare and free time.

Now that the true roadblock has been revealed, the marketing plan can be shifted to strategically speak to these concerns. Keyword research could be refocused around related search terms; advertisements might be centered on the gym’s exceptional childcare team; blogs can share the ways fitness affects productivity.

With this approach to SEO writing, consumers’ daily needs are met and your business is strategically positioned as a solution for those who face similar challenges.

Strategic Marketing Plans Take Competitors Into Consideration

If you don’t know who your competitors are, it is time to compile a list. You don’t have to copy everything your competitor does and you may already outperform your competitor, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of what they are doing and what it’s producing.

The keywords your competitor is optimizing for can inspire new ways to market your content and new target audiences to tap.

An analysis of your competitor may reveal that your business dominates in terms of in-person communication, while your competitor is drawing traffic with SEO writing – such as blogs that speak to audience concerns.

While traffic is a plus, you know the end goal is conversions. If your competitor is not converting their traffic, you have a great opportunity to further establish your brand as a leader by adding an SEO writing element to your strategic marketing plan that drives traffic to your business. Once there, your already stellar brick and mortar team can take over.

SEO Writing Focuses on Simplicity to Drive Conversions

A quick look at where website visitors are clicking can reveal a lot about the conversion-potential of your site. Part of good SEO writing is making conversion easy for consumers. They shouldn’t have to search long and hard for your value-added content, download offers or purchase buttons.

If time on site is short, your website may not provide the content necessary for an informed purchase. It could also be a sign that your website is outdated or poorly organized.

Thorough and frequent testing is key to ensuring your site not only starts out as an easily navigable platform, but maintains this reputation as technology evolves and trends ebb and flow.

Visiting a variety of other websites can give you feel for what your customers experience. Take note of the website design elements and SEO writing that enhance your experience. We have several examples of website redesigns you should examine to see how conversion is improved in the simple use and placement of graphics and text.

Marketing Plans Must Outline Strategic Conversations

If your business is new to digital marketing, you’ll need to include an outline for strategic conversations in your marketing plan. Your brick and mortar team needs to be aware of the need to drive online engagement, as well as equipped for related conversations.

While quality SEO writing will bring new traffic to engage and convert via website and social media platforms, your current customers may not be aware that any of these elements exist. Even if these elements have been established for years, outdated websites and dormant social media accounts are as good as nonexistent to your current audience.

You will need to reacquaint your audience with your online presence and communicate the value engagement can provide to consumers’ daily lives. When your strategic marketing plan makes these conversations a consistent reoccurrence, you’ll begin to see growth in your online traffic. Because you have implemented SEO writing tactics with conversions in mind, this traffic will in turn drive more conversions. At SJC Marketing we can help you take your SEO to a new level, call us today and let’s talk about your goals.