SEO Best Practices: Keywords are Still Important

SEO best practices

Keywords are Valuable in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Google is constantly changing the algorithm that helps users find useful information in their searches. This constant change is perhaps what fuels some to believe that when it comes to SEO best practices, keywords no longer matter. It’s important for you to know that keywords indeed do still matter. Here’s why:

Phrases Count

You likely give a lot of thought to your headlines, as they are the words that pull in consumers and entice them to read your content. You should also consider the right keyword phrases within your headlines because Google takes those into account when it comes to search. However, avoid repetitive keyword phrases, as they can sound unnatural and be distracting to readers.

Placement Matters

SEO best practices where keywords are concerned need to focus on placement. For instance, if you’re producing content for an orthodontist and you are writing about braces, you will get more traction out of including the keywords “orthodontic treatment” in your headline and in your first paragraph of the article than you would by repeating it several times in the text alone. The reason this matters is because Google looks at key areas of your content, which means if you have great keywords in the body of your text but not up top, you’re going to miss out on the potential for a higher ranking.

It’s in the Semantics

There once was a time that Google didn’t derive any meaning from your keyword use, which is why nonsensical copy sometimes wound up highly ranked. That’s not been the case for years, but now, semantic search is increasingly more important. Since Google released the Hummingbird update in 2013, semantic search has been helpful for users looking for answers to questions that are phrased naturally. Instead of looking simply at keywords, semantic search allows users to get results that are based on the meaning behind their search. This is why keyword phrases are increasingly important.

SEO best practices continue to evolve, and SJC Marketing is staying on top of the evolution. To remain relevant in your industry, work with us to help you create quality content that also incorporates the best practices for SEO.