The Secret Team That Makes Your Marketing Strategy Powerful

When you put together your marketing strategy, do you share your plans with your customer service team? Your consumers build many of their expectations for your brand’s customer service based on the promises they see or hear in your marketing content. If your marketing team doesn’t include your customer service team in marketing discussions, you run the risk of over-promising and under-delivering. Not only does this waste valuable marketing dollars, it can also do more costly, long-term damage to your brand’s reputation.

In order to make the best use of your marketing budget, you need to start by outlining what your consumers want to see from your brand and the ways you can go above and beyond to solve consumer challenges. This is data your marketing team should always have on hand and up-to-date. Consulting with members of customer service during this phase can yield even more insight into how consumers can be better served.

Once you’ve established how you want to serve customers, you need to determine which goals are feasible. If you’re working with a tight budget or limited staff, you may not be capable of executing on your list of ideals. It is crucial that you communicate with your customer service team to determine which promises you can follow through with on a consistent basis.

After you identify the goals that are attainable, your marketing team can proceed with a strategy for integrating the promises into marketing content. SJC Marketing plays a pivotal role in helping many businesses construct marketing strategies that are not only impressive and powerful, but also true to the brands and the promises their teams can uphold.

We know that great marketing can’t compensate for negative customer experiences. Only when customers’ experiences are consistent with marketing promises do you succeed. When your brand produces the customer experience you market, you build loyal advocates that ultimately decrease the budget required for marketing because you’ve created a whole consumer base of marketers that are going to bring business to you.

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