Repurpose Your Content: Five Easy Ways that Don’t Require Moving Furniture

The rise of visual-heavy platforms like Pinterest has brought new life to the concept of “repurposing,” with millions of subscribers frantically redecorating, reusing, and shifting around their home environments.  Taking this concept even further, you can achieve great value for your content creation strategies by reusing your material across multiple arenas.

Not only does repurposing and reusing your content save you time and money, this strategy can help build an even stronger and more loyal band of followers for your organization.

Here are five easy ways to make your content creation efforts go even further, part of recent tips from author and consultant Kivi Leroux:

  1. Look at your blogs, news postings and other areas to see if you can reword it for a new crowd … such as vendors, partners and investors, extending the content outward from a sole focus on customers.
  2. Put that great blog into a great new piece for a newsletter, or even a whitepaper to publish on your website. Of course, you’ll want to attract attention to your whitepaper as part of your content strategy by giving the link to select social media subscribers.
  3. Turn things into videos. The use of tags and the extreme ease and popularity of YouTube has made video a top content creation tool. Turn your blog into a quick video by using the talents of a volunteer, a board member or a few fellow employees. Video doesn’t have to be a full-out stage production; make it short, engaging and to-the-point – and always include tags so your new production can be found online and shared.
  4. Give a quote, a testimonial or a social media post new life as a header for a blog or a short article.  A related tip:  Got a survey through Survey Monkey? Turn those questions and comments into new blog or article material.
  5. Put it on Pinterest. Put your enewsletter as a PDF onto Pinterest; even your printed pieces can be posted this way on a Pinboard. Give your blogs a photo, and then add these to another Pinboard. Don’t overlook Pinterest as a content creation tool – it’s generating impressive numbers and valuable leads for many organizations.

Keep in mind, however you repurpose your content, that it all begins (and ends) with great quality writing that gives your readers something valuable as part of an overall content creation strategy.  It’s much more effective and simpler to repurpose something that’s well-written and valuable from the start.

The team at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions is one that we are proud of. We have quality writers that can be a great asset to your content marketing strategy. Contact us today if you are ready to learn how to “repurpose” your content. We would love to get  involved in your creative process.

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