Refining Tools in Twitter For Businesses to Reach Your Target Audience

Twitter for businesses

Your Target Marketing Just Got Easier With a Few Tips for Twitter

Twitter isn’t just a great place to find out what the President is thinking in the early hours of his day. It’s also a perfect platform for reaching your target marketing audience. Twitter for businesses is a moldable tool that allows you to focus in on a specific target audience and present a personalized message to potential customers.

Twitter has a wide variety of options that allow you to carefully construct an audience that will receive your tweets. Take a look at some of the ways you may want to craft a Twitter campaign to maximize effectiveness in target marketing:

First, start a campaign: Before you can start targeting your audience, you need to create your campaign. Go to and start by choosing a goal for your Twitter campaign. Twitter will lead you through the steps, but it’s good if you have a good handle on your marketing plan before you jump into your campaign. You’ll need to know your budget and who you’re trying to reach, first.

Geotargeting: Are you a regional company, or do you primarily target individuals within a certain metropolitan area? Use Twitter’s geotargeting to carefully identify the areas you’d like your message to reach. You can target down to individual ZIP codes or target entire countries, so it’s a good idea to know whose attention you’re trying to grab before you get started.

Gender targeting: If your target marketing identifies your audience as males 35-60 years old, then you’ll want to use the feature on Twitter for businesses that zones in on a specific gender. While Twitter doesn’t ask users to identify their gender, it uses other analytics to accurately send your message to the right users.

Identify certain electronics users: Let’s say you’re debuting a new app. You won’t want your Twitter campaign to primarily reach users of a desktop system, but rather those with mobile devices. Likewise, mobile users would ignore your ads for your antivirus software. Twitter’s ability to identify the types of electronics people use can help you reach your target audience.

Target the followers of your competitors: This is one of the best tricks of Twitter for businesses. You can select the followers of your competitors or of complementary brands to easily targeting your audience. You can also use Twitter Search to identify the most popular or relevant influencers in your industry.

Are you new to social media or target marketing, or are you just looking to up the ante on your analytics? SJC Marketing has an experienced social media team that makes it their business to know exactly how to reach your target audience through these platforms. Give us a call today to talk more about how to use Twitter to maximize growth for your company.

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