The Power of Micro-Moment Marketing

Micro-moment marketing captures the opportunity when a consumer turns to mobile for immediate information.

Have you ever watched an incredible play at a baseball game then reached for your phone to see how it stacked up in the stats? Have you helped your kid with math using a YouTube lesson? Or maybe you have been at a fun social event where you tried the most delicious dessert and immediately looked up how you could make it at home. If so, then you know why many marketers are shifting their attention to creating content for what’s called micro-moments.

These micro-moments are pinpoint moments of need, where a consumer realizes they have a question and they immediately turn to their mobile device. Each search that happens in these spur-of-the-moment settings represents a marketing opportunity of matching the right message with that need.

Mobile use is still on the rise. Mobile use has surpassed that of laptops and desktops, but this doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily replacing its predecessors; instead, it seems that all screen exposure is increasing. Consumers recognize the convenience and reliability of search engines for answering their needs, whether it’s where to go out to dinner or how to do a particular hairstyle.

While all screen time is up, marketers recognize that it’s consumers themselves that are mobile. Wherever they are, their device is with them and they’re not waiting until they return home to go after the information they want.

Marketers go mobile-first for visual content. Micro-moment marketing is becoming the focus at a time when visual content is the preferred format. It’s important that your videos are designed to address that need that causes a consumer to turn to their device, and it’s critical that your video is optimized for mobile.

Search engine ranking is everything. If you haven’t done your due diligence when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), your micro-moment marketing will fall flat. Your goal is to be the first in line to answer a question or fulfill a need when your consumer first recognizes that need and that means you have to be one of the top hits on Google or YouTube.

Determine which type of micro-moment you want to address in each content piece. There are four basic types of micro-moments:

  • Destination: “I want/need to go somewhere.”
  • Information: “I need to know something.”
  • Instruction: “Tell me how to do this.”
  • Purchase: “I need to buy something.”

Part of your micro-moment marketing process is determining which of these types of questions you’d like to address with content that’s highly relevant to that question and is in a snackable format appropriate for mobile.

At SJC Marketing we love identifying fresh new trends like the micro-moment. If you’d like to create content for micro-moments but aren’t sure how to start, contact us for an appointment. We look forward to working with you.