Personalized Communication and Brand Identity

What is Your Personalized Online Communication Saying About You?

personalized communicationCommunication is a complex process. Words convey a different message depending on vocal tone or body language. “What did you do?” in an angry voice with hands on hips expresses a far different meaning than a smiling, upbeat “What did you do?” Human communication is divided into three parts – content (actual words), vocals (tone, pitch and speed) and visuals (body language, eye contact). Actual words are only one part in how your personalized communication is received.

So what do you do when most of your message is digital? With the human component removed, your audience can’t hear your voice or see your eyes. How do you know if your online personalized communication matches your brand identity?

Without any words, we already create our own online persona with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. The highly visual nature of what we share, like, bookmark, favorite, join, pin or tweet tells our audience more than written text. Let’s break it down.


A picture is worth a thousand words. It tells how much you care or expresses how you are feeling – literally in the case of the ubiquitous emoticon. What do your online images say about you and your company? Do the pictures or infographics you choose for your web presence and social postings fit your brand identity and corporate culture? This is a vital part of your personalized communication, especially since most consumers only know your digital persona.


There is no question that we are plugged in. In fact, screen time has more than doubled in the last 10 years, meaning we spend at least 20 hours per week online – even more if you’re younger than 25. We are busily promoting, subscribing, liking and sharing content that belongs to others. What does your professional digital environment convey about your company or brand? Are you taking care to manage what your feed is saying? And are you producing high quality content that others find value in and share? It’s a two-way street moving at the speed of digital. If you’re not careful, your message will get left behind, in a cloud of dust.

Moving Pictures

It’s hard to say whether short attention spans spawned ever-shortened messages or vice versa. Regardless of which was first, the truth remains that you only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Highly visual media, like videos, can capture nuances of meaning in seconds that would take pages of written words. Video’s emotional punch hits the mark too, and the experts agree. The 2015 State of Digital Marketing report revealed almost three-quarters of responders create videos for their target audiences.

At SJC Marketing, we can help manage your digital persona so you make a great first impression – every single time.