What is the Perfect Length for Creating Content for Your Blog?

Creating content doesn’t require you to decide on the perfect blog length. It requires that you know your audience.

Know Your Audience When Developing Your Blog Strategy

There’s a lot of ongoing discussion about what makes the perfect blog length when creating content for a blog strategy. Some studies show that consumers love long-form blogs, while others seem to indicate that shorter is always better. What’s the answer? Well, we say it depends. Here are a few key thoughts about blog length and where you should really be focusing your energy:

Quality always trumps quantity when creating content. Don’t buy into the longer-is-better mantra, only to create blogs that drag on without any readers making it to your call to action. Your blog needs to be informative and compelling, and it should direct your audience to make a particular choice in the end. Concerns about length come in after any of these considerations.

Know your audience and your brand story. You may be marketing a product or service that requires a large investment, or it may be, by nature, a complex product that requires long-form blogs to build trust with the customer and support them in their purchasing journey. Instead, you may be buying a simple product that are for entertainment purposes or hobbies that’s relatively straightforward and seems right in a short, snappy blog post.

Know what your content should accomplish at each point in the buy cycle. There may be moments in a purchasing journey, such as when consumers are first exploring, where you need a longer post in order to build trust and explain your products in detail. By contrast, it may be beneficial to include some shorter posts as the consumer nears a decision. Defining your buy cycle and how your blog strategy fits into nurturing a lead can help you determine a good blog length.

Focus on delivering value. Think about the questions your audience has, or problems they’re trying to solve, and then use those topics to shape your blog strategy. It may be tempting to write a long blog about the intricacies of your product or highly specific application instances, but while this topic may be interesting to you as an expert on your product, it’s likely to lose your audience. Add value with every blog post.

Still wondering the best strategy for creating content for your blog? Make an appointment with SJC Marketing to determine the best strategy for your industry and your buy cycle transitions. We can help you define your objectives for your content strategy and develop specific action plans to reach those goals.