Should You Outsource Your Content Creation?

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3 Benefits to Outsourcing Your Content

Writing a blog post or crafting the perfect status update for social media can seem fun when you first kick off your company’s marketing plan. Before long, though, content creation is forgotten as you get back to prioritizing your core job tasks. Making the decision to outsource your content helps keep your marketing plan in motion and streamlines your strategy.

If you’re spending a few hours each week on content creation, it’s probably just a matter of time before you are forced to set it aside. For many companies, this means that their marketing plan sits and stagnates.

Consider these three benefits of outsourcing your content:

It’s more efficient. You may spend four or five hours crafting a blog if writing doesn’t come naturally for you, which means less time for other business responsibilities. It’s more efficient to allow trained copywriters to create blogs that generate leads for you. This allows you to focus on the strategy, innovation and growth of your company. Essentially, allowing marketing specialists and copywriters to handle content creation lets you do your job while they do theirs.

You’re purchasing expertise, not just writing. Hiring a marketing specialty team to create your content comes with much more than just the content. They are experts at driving SEO, understanding analytics and identifying your target audience. You get to sit back and watch as they demonstrate the measurable growth in website traffic and email click-throughs, and they know exactly how the growth happened.

You won’t get bored with your marketing strategy. It happens often. A marketing team rolls out a new strategy, complete with a content creation plan. The initial set of topics generates a few content pieces and the engagement on social media gets a bump. Then, after a couple of months, when topics have run dry and the novelty has worn off, the marketing strategy loses its shine.

This doesn’t happen when you outsource your content. Marketing specialists understand the connection between the content posted and the resulting lead generation. Instead of watching your marketing strategy gather dust, you’ll be receiving reports from your content creation managers about the number of shares a recent post received, where your target audience goes once they read your blog and other critical information. This can then be used to create new content based on the data they have evaluated about your target audience.

Now is a great time to outsource your content creation. We’ve got exciting, fresh ideas about how to drive growth for your company. Give us a call at SJC Marketing to talk more about your marketing needs.