Nobody Acting on Your Content? Quality Copywriting May be the Missing Link

16114968_mYou’re sending out catchy headlines in your emails. You’re posting consistently across social media using strong keywords. Your blog is, if you do say so yourself, pretty good. What’s stopping people from coming to your website and truly taking more action?

The answer could lie in your copywriting — the text that is the “meat” of your content strategy. The term came into fashion in the 1930s and ’40s, when ad execs worked half-slumped over typewriters coming up with the perfect lines for print ads, and later, articles and television ads. Today, typewriters are back in style not as work tools, but as decorative art — but they still remind us why effective content creation begins and ends with quality copywriting. They also remind us you can’t really have one (quality copywriting) without the other (strong content marketing strategy).

A recent post on Copyblogger talks about how copywriting and content marketing differ, and how they go together. Copywriting encourages the reader to do something; this can range from buying a product online to attending an event or heading out to an actual storefront. When placed within a content marketing strategy, it’s the quality copywriting that can get a reader to subscribe to an email newsletter or top download the white paper.

Content marketing addresses the placement of copywriting pieces within an overall strategy that’s consistent and built upon a campaign theme or specific keywords. It encompasses the ways you utilize your well-written blogs, email messages and social media posts. It ties everything together and helps you track results.

One suggestion is to carefully consider what your copywriting is offering your audience. Quality copywriting gives them something that resonates with them, educates them, or gets them thinking. They need a benefit from reading your piece — so it can’t be too much of a sales pitch. Be sure you’re asking the reader to do something in each piece, and as Copyblogger states, if you’re wondering about sharing a little too much good information, then you might just be on the right track.

Switch to typewriters? No thanks. Quality copywriting? Always in style.