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Refined Pinterest Marketing for Better Tracking of Repins

You’ve seen the descriptions on Pinterest that are clearly an inside joke between users   dozens of repins ago. It might be something like, “Remember this? @jsmith” and it means nothing to you, so you keep scrolling. The other description problem that plagues Pinterest marketing is the over-abundance of superlatives, like “best” “most” and “ever,” all used both together and separately to make everyone skeptical about whether the pin idea worked at all. When a social media marketing strategy relies on getting pins shared, these descriptions can create a challenge.

Recently, Pinterest has been making some changes to allow for better pinning and tracking of pins. The changes are designed to make it a more appealing option for your social media marketing strategy, and it makes the whole site a better source of quality content. Here are the changes you’ll see for Pinterest marketing:

Better tracking of pins: In the past, you may have seen a pin that was marked as having been pinned 10 times, but it’s a pin you know you’ve seen over and over again on Pinterest. Instead of tracking each path of a pin and assessing the pins for that path, Pinterest will now track the total number of pins. This update will provide a more accurate tabulation of how your content is tracking on Pinterest, and allow you to get a better picture of the role Pinterest plays as a social media marketing strategy.

If you want more information about the paths your pin has taken, you can still track individual repins in Tailwind using the Pin Inspector. This provides information about what descriptions and boards are working well for your marketing strategy.

Descriptions are no longer required: Before, you were required to have a description in the pin. That’s what allowed for the outdated inside jokes to make their way around with a pin, or for all of the superlatives to make skeptics of Pinterest users. Now, you can include a description or Pinterest will create one based on a variety of sources to give valuable information with the pin.

The note on a pin will only show up if it was added by the original pinner. This will improve the quality of the information on each pin. If the original creator of the pin does not include a description, Pinterest will add a description that includes specific information about the pin.

There are some benefits to the description changes. It will encourage pinners of unique content to create a description that is likely to increase the chance that content will be shared again and again. The best content, featuring strategic descriptions and beautiful images, will enjoy the most attention, so it will improve the overall quality of the site as a source for ideas and information.

If you’d like more information about how to use Pinterest marketing as a part of a broader marketing plan, make an appointment with SJC Marketing. With team members specializing in social media marketing, we have the expertise to help you develop a plan that takes advantage of the improved features on Pinterest.

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