Monday Morning Coffee With Goode Food Delivered

Bringing the Community Together Using Fresh Food and Facebook

Goode Food DeliveredWho doesn’t love fresh, organic veggies? Unless you truly love gardening, have enough land to support your own garden, or get involved in a garden co-op, it can be difficult to supply your family with delicious vegetables throughout the year.

That’s where Goode Food Delivered steps in. Goode Food is sourced from Goode Acres Farm along with several other farms in the area. While not every farm is certified organic, they have the same mission: To provide local, chemical-free food to the community. How is this accomplished?

As a customer, you put in your order each Tuesday and the boxes are put together. They are then either delivered to your work or home or available for pick-up at their downtown St. Joseph store front. Goode Food Delivered is using Facebook in a unique way by inviting customers to like their page and then setting up an event each week for ordering purposes.

When their customers comment on the event or the page to order, they are able to continue gaining exposure on social media platforms. Goode Food Delivered is also extending the reach of their business by starting an all-natural market each weekend from mid-April through October.

The hope of John Goode and Eric Keith, just two of the farmers providing fresh produce to the store, is that the market will give the community another opportunity to socialize and get engaged. The market is set to bring in vendors for farmers, crafters and artists. Between this new market on Felix Street Square and First Saturdays, the downtown St. Joseph area is gradually becoming the place to be on the weekends.

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