Monday Morning Coffee With Dr. Rosenak’s Optical Options

How to Put More “You” in Your Brand Message

Rosenak 1If you love to mountain climb and explore the nation’s great landscapes, then a career helping other people achieve their own “new view” makes perfect sense. This week’s Monday Morning Coffee explores how optometrist Dr. Steven Rosenak carries his own passion forward into a total-package customer experience at Dr. Rosenak’s Optical Options. Read on to see how you can let a little more of “you” shine through your business:

1. Be unforgettable. People who meet Dr. Rosenak don’t soon forget him, and this is an element of branding that’s timeless. His commitment to helping solve eye problems shines through each conversation. He is quick to share what he loves about vision problems with what he loves about travel, Boy Scouts or enjoying national parks. (He’s even able to do a few amazing cartoon character voices, which helps kids feel comfortable and at-ease). None of these interest areas outshines his expertise and desire to meet patient’s goals for their visit – but they do make him memorable.

2. Create an environment that matches your personality. Recently Dr. Rosenak’s office startedRosenak 2 on their own kind of facelift. They added a few elements to their waiting area including catchy quotes and Abraham Lincoln photos and sayings – reflecting the doctor’s own interest in Abe. It’s a conversation point for sure and creates a welcoming and interesting space.

3. Live out your childhood dreams if possible. The new Awesome Eyes Cinema at Dr. Rosenak’s was created in conjunction with the Awesome Eyes Student Vision Program. The rollout of the movie-themed children’s area took place at the same time as the announcement of the student vision program, and left kids and parents with good memories and a strong connection to the brand. The area is bright, fun and creative, giving all shoppers young and old the message that this team is definitely on the ball.

4. Don’t be afraid to promote what you’re really, really good at. Both Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Rosenak are very skilled at detecting subtle or challenging vision problems, and then solving them. They also have the retinol photography technology on board as part of the investigative process. The photography actually takes images of areas behind the eye and the related nerves in full-color and full detail. Both doctors are truly excited to talk about how well it works to solve problems, and this builds a level of trust for their services that resonates with their patients. Currently they are creating new in-store literature and posters to help convey the power of this tool in audience-focused terms.

This week as you think about what makes the “you” in your business, give our team at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions a call to brainstorm. We’re ready and able to walk you through a comprehensive brand strategy, and then put it into action steps.

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