Monday Morning Coffee With St. Joseph Plastics

Monday Morning Coffee

As you enjoy your coffee this morning we would like to share with you about a company that is helping to improve the environment on a daily basis. Did you know that right in our community, we have a post-industrial recycling company? This is different than the curbside recycling you may think of when thinking of plastic recycling. To put it in simple terms, St. Joseph Plastics buys various kinds of scrap plastic that are obsolete or damaged in some way and then grinds them down to flakes or pellets so they can then sell it to companies looking to incorporate recycled plastic into their products.

The company started in 1990 with a small staff and has grown over the past two decades to expand to multiple locations and now includes 65 employees. In the beginning, St. Joseph Plastics was simply grinding plastic. Today they do that and so much more – pelletizing and compounding (the process of blending multiple plastics and additives to produce customized pellets to meet the customer’s specifications).

In 2013, St. Joseph Plastics responded to the growing and innovative needs of their customers by developing an in-house polymer lab. This has allowed them to explore new opportunities and has increased their continuous commitment to provide high quality resins.

St. Joseph Plastics has been bettering communities with their services for over 25 years, helping to keep tons of plastic from going to landfills and providing materials for companies to use in products they can feel confident to give back to environment. SJC Marketing is excited to be working with them on a new website project that will launch in the Spring. Be watching for their new website and to learn more about St. Joseph Plastics!