Monday Morning Coffee: Pump a Little Caffeine Into Your Volunteer Management

Monday Morning Coffee

Your non-profit organization runs on the strength of your team of volunteers. You rely on them to sort donations, serve your clients and work behind the scenes. When you have a big fundraiser or a campaign to raise awareness, you recruit them by the dozens.

Managing a team of volunteers is like trying to organize any regular group of employees … if that team was constantly changing, had variable availability and always had the option to not come in. Coordinating volunteers is a unique task, and it requires a unique tool.

Meet Servly, the proprietary solution from SJC Marketing designed specifically for non-profits for organizing and managing volunteers. Servly offers an affordable way for non-profits on a limited budget to manage and communicate with volunteers.

The portal is created as a way for volunteers to register themselves or groups for an event. They can receive real-time reminders and notifications about their volunteer commitment as well as information about upcoming opportunities for future volunteer opportunities.

Servly gives organizations a way to see the human resources available for a given event, as well as recruit for upcoming events.

While Servly is affordable for non-profits, it still offers rich features expected with a much more costly solution. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate, offering tools that make volunteer coordination easy and convenient. While it’s designed for non-profits, its benefits specifically target small- to medium-size non-profits. It’s perfect for an organization that needs an efficient way to organize volunteers, but doesn’t want to put a strain on their budget.

At SJC Marketing, we have worked with a number of non-profit organizations for many years, and have witnessed the challenges groups face in trying to organize the help that they rely on for daily work and for big events. Servly offers a way to communicate effectively and efficiently with volunteer teams.

To learn more about Servly and how it can solve your volunteer management challenges, contact us at SJC Marketing. We want to equip your organization to better serve your clients through effective volunteer communication and scheduling.