Monday Morning Coffee and Maybe Just One More Donut

Brown's Bakery 1If you prefer your Monday morning coffee with a donut, it’s time to visit Brown’s Bakery.  The family-owned business has been an Oklahoma City staple for 70 years, serving a wide variety of donuts, cakes, pies, cookies and even deli sandwiches.

The melt-in-your-mouth quality of Brown’s donuts makes the bakery a standout among the many Midtown restaurant choices. One of the best selections you can make is the sour cream donut—a classic, old-fashioned donut that will remind you why oldies are goodies.

Other classic flavors, such as strawberry, blueberry, chocolate cake and chocolate-iced are always ready to satisfy the varying taste buds of Brown’s visitors. If you prefer a little larger breakfast, the bakery offers a giant donut, known as the BFD or Big Fat Donut, which spans around nine inches in diameter. If you would prefer a change of pastry, you can enjoy a football-sized apple fritter instead.

Brown’s cakes range in both size and flavor from traditional, single-layer round and square birthday cakes to multi-tiered wedding masterpieces featuring classic cake flavors or more unique options like Italian cream and Boston cream pie. A few selections are always available for day-of purchases, while custom designs can be ordered to further personalize the dessert.

Cheesecakes are another popular choice at Brown’s. The New York style treats can be purchased plain or with turtle, strawberry, cherry, fudge or sundae toppings.

The bakery was established in 1946 by Bill and Anna Faye Brown and along with it came a family tradition that the Brown men learn to bake and the Brown women learn to decorate. At that time, donuts sold for 69 cents a dozen.

Since then, the bakery has relocated once, although not far from its original building and the fourth generation of Brown’s now play a role in the bakery’s ongoing success. Today, Bill and Anna Faye’s grandchildren, William and Brenda, shoulder many of the baking and cake decorating responsibilities.

If you’re ready to sweeten your Monday morning coffee experience, stroll down to 10th and Walker to find your new favorite Oklahoma City treat.