Monday Morning Coffee With Grandpa B.H. (One Oddly Correct and Fantastic Story Creator)

Monday Morning Coffee

My grandpa flicked his cigarette ashes into the rolled-up cuff of his overalls. He never started a fire, but he did start a story.

He said the stars at night in Africa, viewed from his WWII night watch duty while sitting in a tree, were the clearest and brightest he’d ever seen. The man wore a pet parakeet around on the bill of his New Deal Tobacco Warehouse hat, occasionally setting seeds on the bill for the bird to eat while in transit around the house. He was known to pluck out one of your eyebrows just to be ornery. When his old woody-paneled station wagon stopped running, he just let it sit in the side yard. A full tree grew up inside of it and out the window.

Named after president Benjamin Harrison, just like his dad before him, Grandpa B.H. lived so far back in the woods on a tobacco farm that he installed an old green school bus seat to the back of his pickup truck. We held on as he plowed through a creek (sometimes impassable) to get to the four-room house he shared with Grandma for 66 years.

This week, tip your mug to this concept: You can, and should, cause a story to happen. Something you’re doing with your team or in your industry is a story waiting to happen. Now, more than ever, it’s time to cut through the clutter your audience receives and bring them something to remember.

Need some ideas to get that story started?

  1. Ask yourself and your team what unique events happened in your lives that brought you to this place. How does the work you do now tie in to this story?
  2. Think about your company’s founding. What obstacles were faced to open the doors? Who refused to let fear stand in the way? Tell your audience.
  3. Why is your work still relevant and important today? Is there one aspect of it that you cling to as a foundational belief?
  4. Consider how and where these stories can get passed down and onward. Today, your options are as big as your imagination. Try video, podcasts or a clever blog series. Try boosting your email subscribers with an enticing download from your website, or partner up with a local nonprofit whose backstory resonates with your beliefs.

If all else fails, get yourself a parakeet to live on the bill of your hat. Now that’s bound to be a story starter.

Contact our team at SJC Marketing today to learn more about identifying your unique story to drive audience behavior. Your audience is waiting.

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