Are You Missing a Key Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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B2B Marketing Requires Strategic Distribution

Content marketing distribution is often treated as an afterthought. Many marketers put a lot of effort into defining buyer personas and creating content for them, but then don’t have a strategic distribution plan. It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if nobody ever sees it.

For many campaigns, the content marketing lands in a trial-and-error phase, but without a definitive set of principles gained from testing. This means that you may have a hit once in a while with a viral video or a blog post receives a record-breaking number of comments, but struggle to define exactly which part of the distribution or content caused it to resonate with people. You need a more solid distribution strategy for B2B marketing:

Use paid advertising on social media. Paid ads allow you to target your buyer personas with precision. By using Audience Insights by Facebook, you can target the recipients of your ad by geographic area, psychographics and other identifiers. This allows you to increase website traffic with visitors that are more likely to become customers, familiarize social media users with your brand, and make connections with individuals with are more likely to have an intent to buy.

Create video introductions. Video is one of the biggest trends hitting social media, and that trend expands to B2B marketing. It offers a great tool for content marketing distribution, because you can maximize the appeal of even your text-based content through video. Create a short teaser video to introduce your blog or white paper, or you can repurpose a popular blog into a video, and then invite viewers to read the full blog post.

Tap into influencers. Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for content distribution. You can try this type of angle in a variety of ways, but a good first step is simply asking an influencer to share your content or form a partnership. If you are launching a new podast, talk with another podcasting company in your industry or a related one to see if you can swap appearances on each show. Invite influencers to guest blog, or send one of your posts to an influencer with a note that simply says, “I thought this might be useful for your research.”

Try content syndication. First, examine a few sites to identify one that has the right number of visitors, and take a look at keywords to see what types of discussions are occurring on the syndication site. If you decide to participate in a syndication forum on LinkedIn or Medium, be sure to only share your best content. This is a situation where you want to act as a content curator for optimal B2B marketing.

If you have put together a powerful content marketing strategy, but with a weak spot where distribution should be, make an appointment to talk with our team at SJC Marketing. We can help you identify your most promising distribution techniques and develop a comprehensive plan for execution.