Do You Have a Marketing Strategy For 2018 Yet?

marketing strategy

If Not, it’s Time to Establish Your Strategy For the New Year

When fall has arrived and your craving for pumpkin spice kicks in, grab a latte and settle in for some marketing strategy. The time for planning your marketing for 2018 has arrived, and it’s a good idea to have your plan in place long before you start hearing holiday music and join the December rush.

Take some time to create a strategic plan for brand awareness and lead generation for 2018 with these tips:

Establish your goals and desired measurable outcomes. First, determine where you are in 2017. Calculate your current return on investment (ROI) for your marketing budget and identify areas of strength and weakness.

Next, talk about what your goals are for 2018. Are you seeking to drive up brand awareness, or do you want to tighten up your conversion rate by getting your frequent website visitors to make the leap to customers? Maybe your focus is on a brand-new marketing strategy and creating a consistent look and voice across your website and content.

Create metrics that directly impact your goals. For instance, if you want to improve your conversion rate, measuring the number of followers you have on Instagram isn’t your best option because followers do not necessarily correspond with conversions. Instead, measure the number of recipients of emails that click through to your website and eventually purchase from your company.

Throw in some new tricks. If you’re already creating content and posting it regularly on social media and through an email newsletter, you may be on the right track, but don’t make the mistake of letting your content marketing plan gather dust. Try some new strategies for growth:

  • Check out your competitors to see if there’s a trending conversation that might make a good content piece or start an engaging interaction on social media.
  • Encourage employee advocates to talk about your company culture, why they like their jobs. Invest in your company culture and document team fun on social media.
  • Don’t be afraid to bail on a particular social platform or other marketing channel if it’s not working for your brand.
  • Get outside the content box and, if you generally post more serious content, try a little fun or humor in your pieces. Just be sure to write it in your own brand’s voice.
  • Repurpose your content in different formats. Check out your “best of 2017” list and see if there’s a blog topic that could make a fun video or a white paper that could be boiled down to a vibrant infographic.
  • Try something completely new and force yourself into uncharted marketing territory. Kick off a podcast, film a live video or try a silly Instagram contest.

If you’re planning your 2018 marketing strategy, call on our team at SJC Marketing to help you make this the year that launches your business into the next phase of growth. Whether you’d like some help with marketing basics or you’re ready to try something crazy and creative, we’re on board, and we’ll bring the lattes. Pumpkin spice lattes, that is.