Marketing Goals: Often Quoted, Often Over-Analyzed, but Always Essential

Goals 1What’s more often-quoted than the concept of goals? Very few topics. Phrases like “the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” and “goals are the roadmap to your success” probably come to mind.


Not only are you likely a little worn out on the topic of goals, but you may be searching for a way to translate your marketing ideas into actual, workable marketing goals. You already know the process is critically important to your marketing investment, it’s also not overly complicated, as highlighted in a recent Entrepreneur article. Take a look at these suggestions for writing your own “journey” based on marketing goals:

1. Marketing goals are just results, reworded. Just like the results you’re aiming for in your overall business plan, consider and write down the end results you want to achieve from your marketing campaigns. Be specific; you can include things like percentage of lead increase or percentage of targeted web visitors to your site.

2. In addition to the specifics for key areas like social media engagement, web traffic and customer engagement, consider this from a creative, big-picture perspective. If you’re KFC, for example, you want customers to think of you when they think fried chicken — and to be smiling when they leave your store. What are some “big picture” concepts you want your audience to experience when they encounter your brand? Jot these down too, then assign them some specific outcomes.

3. You can’t achieve all your marketing goals at the same time. Companies that really shine pick out a few to fully focus on for a defined period of time. Approaching it this way also helps relieve you of feeling so overwhelmed and can truly help streamline your tools like online content creation, content distribution and your use of PR tactics.

4. Get everyone at the table. From your administrative team to your sales staff and your top-level executives, everyone has a stake in marketing goals and outcomes. Everyone should be at the table with a chance to share because everyone brings a different perspective. How your front-line team works with and interacts with customers is part of your brand’s strength and longevity; so is how your sales team follows up with new prospects. Don’t pigeon-hole the areas from which your marketing objectives come from. Instead, operate as a total team with item two (a big-picture concept) in mind.

Need some help getting your marketing goals turned into real-life, doable tasks you can measure? Contact our team at SJC Marketing. We’re ready and able to walk you through a plan that makes sense (and gets things done).