Making Connections on LinkedIn For Businesses

LinkedIn for Businesses

Use a LinkedIn Portfolio to Identify Points of Commonality

Using LinkedIn for businesses, or any social media platform, can feel a bit like a popularity contest from your school days. You need people to like you in order for your company to flourish online and sometimes it can be hard to strike the right balance between wallflower and attention fiend.

There are a few techniques you can use to connect with a particular person on LinkedIn for businesses, such as accessing their LinkedIn portfolio to research areas you might have in common. Here are some considerations for building a network on LinkedIn:

Looks do matter. Not in the way that you might be thinking; you don’t have to be a supermodel to be successful on LinkedIn. What you do need is a professional headshot and a profile that’s well-constructed. You can tell the difference between professional photography and cheaper alternatives, and so can the contacts you’re after. Invest time and energy into your profile, and make it visible to all users, not just your contacts.

Identify points of commonality. Before you try to make a connection with a colleague or influencer, spend time researching their LinkedIn portfolio and their profile. What have they written, shared or participated in that you’ve also experienced? Maybe you both attended a recent conference or you appreciated an article they posted.

Use this similarity to create a personalized message. Comment on your similarity and express your interest in a connection. Keep it brief and positive.

Be complimentary. It’s easy to take this too far or to come across as insincere, so be careful not to lay it on too thick. You can go the subtle route by simply liking a post or sharing something they’ve written. Another form of compliment is to engage in the comment section on one of their posts. Don’t simply say, “What a great article,” but post something that contributes to the conversation.

Build general networking skills. Like many other lead generation strategies, using LinkedIn for businesses is a combination of specifically targeted activity and broader networking. Alongside your efforts to connect with certain people, you’ll also want to engage in conversation, join groups and post content that’s relevant to your target audience. All of these activities will gradually build your networking reach in LinkedIn.

Navigating the nuances of social media platforms can be a fun way to generate new leads, but you’ve got a business to run. Let SJC Marketing handle your social media management, whether you simply need a few tips to get rolling or you would like us to provide comprehensive services. Let’s talk!

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