Are You Making These Common Mistakes in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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How to Make Your Strategic Marketing Plan Count

It’s no secret that content marketing takes a lot of effort. It’s not simply throwing some musings into a blog and then sharing it on social media. For your strategic marketing plan to be effective, you have to put a lot of emphasis on the “strategic” part, or you may make one of these common marketing mistakes:

You only add to the noise: There’s a lot of content marketing out there today, and you don’t want to be more noise for consumers to sift through to get to what they want. Rather than a “more is better” mindset, adopt a “better is better” philosophy and produce content that provides value to your audience in the form of industry insights or a solution to a common problem.

You don’t have a plan: In order to successfully execute your strategic marketing plan, you need a clear idea of what your content marketing is designed to accomplish. You need to align it with your business objectives, create content with a consistent brand message and know what success looks like.

You’re not repurposing content: If you have a blog that was well-received on social media, capitalize on its success and repurpose it into other formats. Repost it on a different platform. Use your content that’s working in a variety of ways so that you maximize its impact.

You’re not talking to other departments: Working in a silo is a common marketing mistake. Be sure to include other departments in your content creation planning, particularly those that work directly with customers. They know what customers are asking and what their challenges are. Use these conversations to generate topics for future content pieces.

You’re not amplifying your content. While it is often trial-and-error at the initial phase of a marketing plan, you should reach a point where your posting is anything but arbitrary. Know which social media platforms are most effective, and what kinds of subject lines to use in your emails. You should be amplifying your content with strategic techniques, rather than throwing some content out there to see what sticks.

Make an appointment to share your content marketing challenges with the SJC Marketing team. We can help you identify areas of opportunity that you’re missing, or take what you’re excelling at and expand it. Let’s grab a comfy chair, a big cup of coffee and have a good chat.

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