Major Pinterest Faux Pas

There are a variety of factors that play into a successful Pinterest account. This can make it easy, but itPinterest 7 can also open doors to a number of simple mistakes. A successful social media marketing strategy takes time and a clear plan, along with the willingness to own your mistakes and make changes. Are you making some of these Pinterest faux pas?

  1. Social Media Strategy
    Often, people hear Pinterest and think it’s just a matter of posting pins to boards and having a blast browsing through the millions of pins available. There is far more to it than this. If you didn’t include Pinterest as a platform in your original social media strategy, reevaluate your strategy and map out your goals.
  2. Your Website Isn’t Ready
    One of the biggest mistakes is seeing a website promote they are on Pinterest, but their site isn’t prepared for individuals to pin their content. Make sure you are providing quality, pin-ready images on each page. Additionally, give your audience a Pin It button or link to make it simple for them to share your content or photos on Pinterest.
  3. Narcissistic Pins
    Like all social media, don’t just think about yourself and your brand. Pinterest is an opportunity to share valuable information with your target audience. What are they looking for when they glance at your pins? Make sure to grab their attention! This also means providing quality descriptions. More often than not, pin descriptions are user generated content. Be sure you’re providing a great caption for the person who ends up repining your pin!

Pinterest is a great tool for a lot of different industries. The mistakes mentioned above are common and understandable. Don’t feel defeated; rather call in your Pinterest team at SJC. We’ll help you create and implement a plan that will get you on the road to success.