Are You Looking to Improve Your Email Marketing Results?

From sponsoring contests to offer exclusive deals, Instagram is a great space for reaching a wider audience.

A Billion Regular Users Strong, Instagram Can Boost Your Email Marketing Game

With more than a billion users regularly using Instagram, it’s become a go-to platform for organizations wishing to utilize social media to connect with a wider audience. Did you know you can also give your email marketing a boost by utilizing Instagram? Here’s how:

Promote Your Stories
Instagram now has a swipe up feature in Stories, which is becoming increasingly popular. Simply add a link to your email sign-up landing page and watch your email marketing list grow.

Offer Exclusives
Using visuals to promote exclusive deals is a great way to use Instagram, but you can also entice them to offer up their email for a free download, giving you more opportunities to entice new leads.

Take the Relationship Further

Unlike Twitter, Instagram doesn’t cap the number of words you can use. This means you can get descriptive in your Instagram bio and encourage users to go to your website to interact even more with your brand.

Utilize a mobile-optimized landing page where you can take the relationship deeper, which will often result in strengthening your email marketing position.

Get Competitive
Have you ever hosted a contest on social media? It’s a fun and engaging way to pull in more potential customers, and when you require them to use their email to participate, you’re capturing more leads in the process.

Try sponsoring a photo contest that requires them to use your branded hashtag. It’s essentially free advertising.

Be a Team Player

While the goal of your email marketing strategy is to promote your brand and gain more followers, you can also boost your image by participating in community discussion.

It’s really all about strengthening your reputation in your local community by reposting content that your followers publish. It gives your brand credibility and will result in a longer list of email subscribers.

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