Looking Ahead to Instagram Marketing for 2019

Social media strategy regarding your Instagram usage must focus on consistency and quality in 2019.

Make Quality Content Part of Your Social Media Strategy

There are millions of people active on social media on a daily basis, which is why so many marketers are devoting time and energy to social channels as a central part of their marketing strategy. Instagram has become a go-to social media platform for many businesses and in 2019 it will continue to be an important marketing tool.

Let’s take a look at some important Instagram trends and what that means for your marketing strategy:

Hashtag Specific

Instagram is a medium where the hashtag reigns supreme. By taking a systematic approach to hashtags in Instagram marketing, you’re going to avoid using those that will pull in the wrong audience.

Only use hashtags that are specific to your business rather than an entire industry. If you’re worried about the hashtags gumming up your text block, use them in a comment.

Leverage the Leaders

Instagram influencers: If you haven’t heard the term, you need to latch on to it, because they have established credibility and an audience that can benefit your organization.

People trust influencers, which is why you want to partner with them. This is a way to gain organic growth of like-minded users. If you’re unsure of their credibility, go ahead and ask for proof of their influence before you jump into a collaboration with them.

Focus on Quality Content

Social media strategies have to include a tight focus on putting out content that is of quality.

If the content you’re building is engaging, authentic and diverse, you’re on the right path. Keep track of the tone of posts that get more likes or comments. You can replicate the tone (without fully rehashing it) and boost the consistency of your output.

At SJC Marketing, our approach to Instagram marketing and social media strategies are to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s driving consumer decisions while placing equal value on quality content for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you with your marketing goals by contacting us today.