Looking Ahead to Content Marketing in 2019

Your marketing strategy should evolve as trends do, so here are some ideas for 2019.

Now Is the Time to Look at Your Marketing Strategy for the New Year

If you’ve invested any time in content marketing, you know trends come and go. Your marketing strategy should reflect the evolution of these trends if you’re going to keep your brand out in front. So what should you be looking out for in the coming year?


Yes, video was a hot topic this year, the year before and it likely will continue to evolve in the future. We know that videos, photos and GIFs are excellent tools for catching the attention of your target audience, but in 2019, live video is poised to gain even more attention.

Due to better Internet connections, streaming videos at higher quality is no longer an issue. But the enticing part of this prospect is that you get to share with your audience the things that are happening in that actual moment.

Live video gives you the insights that instant feedback provides. What live users have proven is that if they want more interaction with your brand, that’s the avenue for getting it.

The Long and Short of Blogs

Have you noticed that some content marketing blogs are getting longer? It’s a proven method for getting better search results. However, for those who want to engage their audiences, investing in shorter blogs and utilizing visuals to engage readers is also highly successful.

Blogs that contain visuals get 90% more visits than those without. Take a more comprehensive approach to the length of your content by using a variety of lengths and make sure you’re utilizing stimulating visuals in 2019.

Protecting Privacy

Privacy has always been a concern, but it’s not something you want to take chances within our current climate.

Not only do users want assurances that their information remains safe, they want proof of it. That means you need to include in your marketing strategy visibility into how you’re doing this.

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