Listening to Your Target Audience Can Inspire Creative Marketing Ideas

What Some Big Brands Did by Listening Closely

When you consider creative marketing ideas, your plan might be to try and create that perfect concept that inspires a viral video and launches your brand into global awareness. While you may be one of the lucky few to hit on the right combo for instant fame, your success will more likely come from solid marketing trends that involve listening to your target audience.

Your best creative marketing ideas aren’t always stunts or gimmicks, but rather getting creative in the ways you listen. Take a look at some creative ways to hone your message by finding out what your customers really want to hear:

Talk with your customer, not to your customer. Traditionally, marketing has been used to tell consumers what they want or entice them with a promise of a great product. Now, the newest marketing trends call for creating your products alongside your customers, rather than creating a product or service and then hoping you can convince your customers to purchase it.

Take Intuit, who invested in spending time in the homes and offices of self-employed individuals using their products. Here, they were able to identify common problems and pain points, giving them a clear focus for innovation. It was through this research that they identified customers’ hassles in calculating vehicle gas mileage, and Intuit was able to develop a feature on their app for easily handling gas mileage.

Invest in your customers’ entire experience. While you may be tempted to focus on lead generation and sales growth, creating a satisfying end-to-end experience for your customers is a way to build your company’s reputation for excellence. Your target audience likely senses the difference between a company just trying to snag a sale and one that is invested in the customer experience from start to finish.

Kaiser Permanente worked to create a welcome initiative for new members registering with them online. The program helped new members learn to navigate the site, fill prescriptions and email a physician. About 60 percent of new members register with the program, and these members are 2.6 times more likely to still be with the program two years later.

Encourage employees to become advocates. One of the great creative marketing ideas gaining traction is the use of employees to boost engagement with the public. This, of course, requires a lot of groundwork and an intentional plan.

Plum Organics enlisted its employees by handing out coupons attached to business cards. Employees are encouraged to notice the shopping behaviors of customers in grocery stores when they are near the baby food, then offer them the business card after visiting with them. It’s a great way to promote the brand, gain important information about shopping behaviors and customer preferences and empower employees to impact sales growth.

SJC Marketing is always on the cutting edge of marketing trends that encourage listening to the customer. If you’re looking for creative ideas for marketing your brand, talk with us today.

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