Lil’ Susie’s Round-Up: What’s New in Digital Marketing?

Lil' Susie's Round-Up

New trends appear frequently in the marketing world. Whether these are fads that will quickly fade, or ones that are here to stay, it is important to pay attention to these changes because it can directly affect your business.

Going live on Facebook and Instagram is one of those trends that has become very popular with users. Viewers enjoy being able to get a live look into the lives of the people they follow on social media. Now that the trend has been big for some time now, it is no longer about getting the viewers to open the live video, as much as it is about getting them to stick around and watch.

The most effective way to keep viewers hooked and watching the video is by giving them a chance to interact and engage with you. For example, as a B2B company, it would be great to use a live video webinar where users feel that they are getting important information out of the video.

According to a report by ON24’s Webinar Benchmarks, tactics like live Q&A sessions, offering resource lists, and including an integrated social media experience will drive highest engagement rates.

Another increasingly popular trend in the digital marketing world is the importance of instant conversations. This would include any website that has a live chat available to answer any customer service questions you may have. An alarming 77% of customers said that they will not buy something online if the website doesn’t offer a live chat service.

Interestingly enough, consumers are 4.5 times more likely to make a purchase if they engage with you via live chat. With numbers like these, it is important for your business to look into offering these services as it may greatly benefit your company.

These digital marketing trends are only a few tactics that may be relevant to your business. It is crucial to stay on top of these trends so that you can get out in front of it and take time to decide if it’s a good fit for your company.

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