Lil’ Susie’s Round-Up: Your Profile is Getting the Spotlight Treatment!

LinkedIn is now making your profile more visible for better connections! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Since your profile is more visible than ever, make it shine! Update projects, awards and endorsements so that everyone can see how impressive you are!
  • Microsoft owns LinkedIn as of 2016 so that means two huge business platforms have joined forces. You can expect to see integrations and resources that offer valuable features for leveraging more connections.
  • Two new members are joining LinkedIn every second – so you know it’s the place to be to make great B2B connections with your audience!

What does this mean for you? Since LinkedIn is making your “public” profile more visible via “third party” online services like Microsoft Outlook and other online channels, this means you will have more channels to make connections on. Not only will people be able to find you on LinkedIn, but your profile can also be discovered easier using search engines like Google and Bing. So, if more people are more likely to find you based on your expertise and experience, it’s imperative that your profile shines.

Third party services, including many of your colleagues contact lists, can help them find you and connect you with more people that you may have an opportunity to collaborate with. Another bonus? Setting your profile to a more public setting will allow professionals to view part of your profile and information even if they do not have a LinkedIn profile. This will hopefully encourage more users to join the platform and expand the community and it also means that people who are looking for your services won’t be limited to just searching through Google. They will be more than likely provided your profile if it fits their search criteria.

I agree with LinkedIn: leveraging your expertise on a social media platform that connects you with your target audience is a must in the B2B market so make sure you follow these important steps to take advantage of the platform!

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