Lil’ Susie’s Round-Up: Long-Form Video is Coming to Instagram

Instagram has turned into one of the most popular social media networks on the planet, and for good reason. Its unique format that allows for strictly photos and videos attracts the eye of users and keeps them scrolling for hours. Instagram may be on the cusp of becoming even more popular now with a new feature that will be coming soon to a phone near you!

The app has decided to allow long-form video to its platform, which has caught the public’s attention. This could help Instagram court the long-time users of YouTube who use their channels to post frequent videos. Many of these YouTube stars have a massive fan following, but Instagram would give them a better opportunity to gain more followers to watch their videos.

As these users make the move from YouTube to Instagram, so will the marketers. This means Facebook, who owns Instagram, will likely gain advertising revenue at the expensive of YouTube, who is owned by Google.

With Instagram being so popular among younger users, brands will likely quickly act on these advertisement opportunities since that demographic is so hard to reach through TV and commercials. An influencer management platform has met with some of their influencers to talk about making a series of videos for the platform. These videos would be mobile-friendly and made in vertical format.

These Instagram series’ also could provide feeder content to help keep Facebook relevant to young users. Facebook is really lacking in this department, as young social media goers are much more active on Instagram than Facebook.

The notion that YouTube stars will quickly make the leap to Instagram is not a crazy one, as many YouTube users have become upset with the platform recently. This stems from unannounced policy changes on ad revenue sharing, which directly affects how these users make their money.

This format change for Instagram can be huge for advertisers who will now have an incredible opportunity to reach younger demographics. Instagram users will be able to gain followers at a much more substantial rate than they ever could on YouTube, strictly due to how many users are on the network.

Social media has become a huge player in being able to effectively market your business. Contact our team at SJC Marketing and we can assist you in this department!