Lil’ Susie’s Round Up: Canoe, Videos & Follower

Lil' Susie's Round Up


Twitter is Tipping the Canoe

Twitter has announced they’re going to make some changes to the big quirks on the platform. They’re also considering allowing the Twitter handle to not be included in the character limits. Say good-bye to the Canoe Phenomenon. These changes are yet another way Twitter is trying to make their platform more user-friendly for new-comers, but also getting rid of some of the things that have annoyed loyal-users for years. What do you think about the efforts by Twitter to grow their user-base?

Video Count on Instagram

Instagram is going to update their platform and add a video count, so you can measure the reach. Views count more than engagement for video, so this is Insta’s way of keeping up with the needs of their users. The oddest thing about this update? To see how many likes it received, you have to click on the number of views under the video. Subtly, this emphasizes the importance of views over likes. However, I’m guessing the platform had its own restrictions and this was their way around it!

Grab a Real-Life Follower

Follower, a new app, brands itself as “a service that grants you a real-life Follower for a day,” ensuring that you don’t go unnoticed.” It’s best to check out the video. Seriously.