Let’s Get Fresh: With Content Marketing That Is

You crave fresh air. The smell of fresh cut grass. Fresh greens at your local farmers’ market.

Google craves fresh content marketing. So do your clients, and the “fresh” movement is creating quite a buzz. The Google Panda update last year is kickstarting conversation across SEO arenas and content marketers near and far. What are you doing to infuse your content marketing with an air of fresh?

Why is the need to update your website, your blogs and your other forms of social media with fresh content marketing tools so … in fresh produce terms …  raw? And why is Google giving you some SEO guidelines for keeping this fresh content coming?

  1. New content = new site users, readers and new visitors.
  2. Welcome back. Fresh content also means your current readers will return to your site.
  3. There’s a strong, undeniable link between word of mouth energy toward your online marketing and the strength of your web site, including your audience and Google’s perception of you. Word of mouth energy is directly fueled by fresh content marketing and quality writing.
  4. It works. Fresh, valuable content adds value to your website and social media efforts – and added value means added outcomes.
  5. You have to. (Sort of). You have to provide fresh content if you want to stay in good with the Google family. Google gets valuable information from you and your users and they use this information to improve users’ search efforts. Ad targets are maximized through information gleaned from users’ searchers, and users’ searches are fueled by fresh content.

If you aren’t providing fresh content, you may not be included in the top searches you need to keep building your brand energy and reputation. (You could opt out, but that will likely put you on the information superhighway sideline. It’s a green, grassy place that doesn’t see much customer action, if any).

The recommendations from Google toward fresh content marketing are part of overall intentions to provide users a great experience. You know your business benefits when users come back time after time to your site, but what can you do to incorporate fresh content marketing?

  • Use a carefully crafted list of keywords and longtail keyword phrases tailored to your business in all your content. BUT …
  • Resist overstuffing keywords and cluttering up your articles and web content with useless information that’s no fun to read and doesn’t bring value to your users. Your fresh content must now, more than ever, be well-written and worthy of reading.
  • Set up an editorial calendar that includes keywords and topics you want to target and the platforms across which you’ll be implementing them. The editorial calendar is a simple tool that makes content marketing easy and effective, and it reminds you of your next steps on your quest for fresh content.
  • Schedule small batches of blogs and social media posts ahead, when possible. This frees up your energy to focus on writing engaging, fresh content.
  • Collaborate with an expert like Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions to map out your plan for creating fresh online marketing content that is valuable, effective … and fun.
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