Launch an Instagram Campaign With User-Generated Content

Instagram campaign

Give Your Marketing Strategy a Fun, Interactive Boost

What’s more effective, asking your target audience to buy your product or letting your customer advocates tell your target audience to buy your product? The answer is easy, but you may wonder how you can get your customer advocates talking proactively about your brand. Enter the user-generated content (UGC) strategy for your next Instagram campaign.

A UGC strategy is a great way to amp up brand awareness and give your marketing strategy a little pop of excitement. To begin this kind of Instagram campaign, you simply ask your customers to contribute some images with a particular theme. Here’s how to get started:

Determine what you’re trying to accomplish. After all, it’s hard to know if your Instagram efforts are successful if you don’t have an idea what the purpose of the campaign is. You might be trying to increase brand awareness, promote a new product or increase engagement. Capture the benchmark of where you are now, and where you’d like your campaign to finish on any combination of goals.

Promote your campaign. Invite your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers and, of course, your Instagram followers to engage in your UGC fun. Create a hashtag to unify your concept and then personally ask a few of your most outspoken customer advocates to get the ball rolling with some engaging images that fit with your campaign. For instance, you may be asking your customers to post their favorite way to relax with your signature specialty tea brand, or a sports equipment company might ask their customers to post pictures of their weekend touch football games at the park.

Offer an incentive. Maybe the sports equipment company has a new line of workout clothing, or the tea company is now offering a new line of organic, fruit-flavored teas designed for cold brewing. Offering a sample of your new product or the prize of a treasured favorite from your existing line is a great way to encourage participation. You can also offer discounts or the chance of a free service to participants.

Clearly state your rules. One of the great benefits of a UGC Instagram campaign is that you end up with a trove of cool images to access elsewhere in your marketing strategy. Be sure that you state up front that you intend to repurpose the submitted entries, or if you plan to access only a few, take time to get permission from the customer before you use it in a brochure or on your Facebook page.

Getting a UGC campaign started on Instagram is a lot of fun, but hitting the right mix of incentives and catchy hashtags can make a big difference in participation levels. To get an experienced eye on your campaign, talk with our social media team at SJC Marketing. We can get you started on a campaign that will deliver results in a way that feels a lot more like playing than working on a marketing strategy.

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