Do You Know About These LinkedIn Marketing Updates?

Access new features in your profile for LinkedIn marketing to make the most of images and posts.

New Tools in Social Media Marketing to Make the Most of Your Profile

It can sometimes feel like social media marketing trends are flying by so fast that it’s hard to know where to invest your time. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile, that’s definitely a good place to start. LinkedIn marketing is all about promoting your brand in a B2B setting, and there are recent updates that allow you to do that more easily.

Let’s see more of you! One of the best changes that LinkedIn has introduced is a new format for your pictures. Your profile picture has been moved to the left, creating more opportunity to view the background image. It’s a great opportunity to optimize that background picture, using images or a great quote to communicate your brand image. Even if you haven’t received the update yet on LinkedIn, your profile is still displaying the new way to users that have received it, so go ahead and choose images that work best for the new set-up.

There’s more potential to reel ‘em in. On your profile page, your introduction is on the left, and critical information like your experience and education is at the beginning of your profile. There’s also more text showing before the “see more” button, with an increase from 200 to 300 characters. When choosing what text should show here, consider what might cause your customers to click “see more.” Maybe it’s a question and answer to a hot topic in your industry, or maybe you give a teaser about a new product line.

Showcase more of your content. The profile now features six pieces of content, rather than two. Be sure to mix up what’s appearing in that section of your profile and use it to promote your best material. Consider posting a combination of blog posts, video testimonial links and product demonstrations, mixing text-based content with visual material. LinkedIn marketing gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise, so make the most of this spot.

Get visual (it’s what they want!): Social media marketing is becoming more visual, with audiences responding to images and video more than simple text-based content. LinkedIn marketing options recognize the importance of implementing video in your activities, and they’ve made native video available on company pages. You can use it in the same way you use native video on a personal LinkedIn page.

In addition, LinkedIn now also provides the opportunity to include GIFs in your messaging. It’s a good idea, because messaging without a GIF of Napoleon Dynamite or Marge Simpson is pretty much not worth reading, right?

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