Do You Know the Difference Between Marketing, Advertising and PR?

Creating an Informed Marketing Strategy

Do you know the difference between marketing, advertising and PR, or are you like a lot of people in the business world, that use the terms interchangeably? While they don’t always seem to have clear-cut borders, each is a distinct element of how your company interacts with the public and potential customers and meet different goals of your marketing strategy.

If you’ve wondered if you should hire a specialist to help handle your brand messaging, advertising campaign or your regular press releases, you may have debated about which of these provides the services you require. Here’s a quick description of the difference between marketing, advertising and PR:

Marketing can be thought of as the big umbrella that advertising, PR and branding all fit under. Your marketing strategy should include all the elements of PR and advertising, as well as a foundational understanding of your brand identity and message. You’ll develop values and a communication personality, as well as your logo and colors, that will all be consistent across all advertising and PR efforts.

Advertising is how you sell your brand out in the marketplace. It includes more traditional formats, like television advertising, direct mail and radio ads, but it also includes digital media methods. Social media and eNewsletters are both examples of digital channels that help you advertise your brand as well as your product or service.

PR, or public relations, is the way that your company communicates with the public. PR involves activities like producing press releases or letters to the editor. Your PR specialist may also coordinate activities like partnering with a local charity. PR works to make sure your brand message is being received well by the public and that your communications are consistent and positive across all channels.

When you hire a specialist to help you sell your brand with a comprehensive marketing strategy, or you’re simply looking for help specifically in PR or advertising, you should know what you’re getting. Make sure you have clear expectations for the results you need and that your marketing company can deliver.

SJC Marketing is equipped to handle all of your PR, advertising and comprehensive marketing needs. Whether you need to start at the beginning and define your brand message, or if you are simply needing PR support, we can help. Give us a call for an appointment and we’ll talk more about what SJC can do to help you grow.