Key to SEO is Knowing Your Audience

SEO 5Search engine optimization (SEO) is primarily about amplifying your content. Having the greatest website and the most effective content around does not necessarily mean that people will end up on your site or viewing your content.

There are unlimited ways to become the top hit in a Google search, including writing blog posts, social media marketing and getting your name in the news. Focusing on learning more about your audience consistently could be your ticket to greater SEO rankings.

Understand who is buying your product: their wants, their needs, where they spend their time and money. But when it comes to their Google searches, understand what they are searching for. What groups of words are they putting together when searching for a product or service? These are called keywords, and optimizing these keywords can drive traffic to your website, but, more importantly, the correct traffic.

Another tip to finding out what your website viewers are searching for is simple. Include a search bar within your website where you can easily track what people are looking for once they arrive at your website. This move can give you insight to which keywords are most effective to your consumers.

A much harder concept to grasp is this: your target audience may not be who you think they are. Who you want to be reaching and who you are currently reaching may be two different groups of people. Our advice is to focus on the people that you are currently reaching. Positioning yourself differently can come later, but you can do far more if you focus on those who you already serve.

Gather data on your current audience however you can and create messaging that they find valuable and put this content in places they can easily find it. If you focus on your audience in your SEO campaigns, watch and see how your business flourishes. For more information on how we can develop marketing strategies that fit your business’ and audience’s needs, contact SJC today.