Just Push Play and Enjoy Monday Morning Coffee With Your Favorite Podcast

Monday Morning Coffee

Spoiler Alert … Ours is Unfiltered Marketing

There are only a few things that help my Mondays get off to the right start. The first, of course, is a giant cup of coffee. Okay, it’s more like three cups, but Mondays call for desperate measures. Another thing that helps me start the week off on the right foot is listening to other people in marketing talk about what’s going on in the industry. I have about a 55-minute commute that allows plenty of time to listen to podcasts and I honestly don’t know what I would do without these little vignettes that connect me to professionals and storytellers all over the world. Whenever I get the chance to tell people they should be listening too, I do.

You name a topic, there is a podcast for it. Nerd culture? There’s a podcast for that called “Dude Soup” and there’s even one about things you learned in history class that you should definitely know, but don’t remember. Some of the favorite podcasts mentioned from our SJC team include Marketing School, Smart Passive Income, Talk Python to Me, Android Central Podcast, The GaryVee Audio Experience and This American Life.

My personal favorite genre, besides daily news and trends in the marketing industry, is criminal mystery, especially the ones that follow cold case files. There’s a feeling I get after listening to a podcast that I can almost conquer the world — or at the very least, sound intelligent and informed during a dinner party.

Podcasts take the art of listening to a new level. I think they are interesting because you get to know the people on the other end, whether you are listening every day or once a week, you come to rely on those voices to give you good or entertaining content and eventually, look forward to hearing what they share next. The other perk: podcasters LOVE interacting with their listeners. Most of the ones I listen to are always asking for feedback from their audience, whether they provide polls, answer emails on air or ask you to Tweet them. The possibilities to start conversations with people are endless. (Seriously, there are over a billion different ones to listen to.)

For businesses who want to share their knowledge, demonstrate their expertise and engage with their audience, a podcast is definitely a channel worth exploring. And don’t be intimidated: Start small with a conversation about what you do and talk about what comes natural. People want to learn something new, they want to hear facts and stories they can pass on to their colleagues and friends or apply to their every-day lives.

Out of all the podcasts team SJC listens to, our favorite is our very own Unfiltered Marketing.  The inspiration behind our podcast is to not only demonstrate our expertise (we talk about trending topics and how to apply specific marketing tools into branding strategies) but we also interview and talk with all the members of our team so that everyone can get to know us in a fun atmosphere.
You can listen to Unfiltered Marketing here.