Investing in Content Marketing Chia Pet Style: A Little Water, Lots of Growth

Chia-Pet-BunnyMany organizations are thinking like a Chia Pet when it comes to investing in content marketing: invest a little, get a lot.

A recent study said that around 79 percent of organizations where moving away from other types of marketing and moving more heavily into content marketing or online marketing. The stronger focus on keyword utilization across website copy, blog campaigns, social media strategies and online video tools reflects that companies are spending more today to build their brand, and hiring experts in the field to handle it for them. They’re also seeing more results from these strategies, while watching costs drop as the campaign progresses.


— Over a period of six months, on average, they’re seeing their content marketing costs decline while leads and results go up.

— Unlike other forms of marketing, investing in content marketing allows a brand’s message to grow and grow. The more sources of valuable information posted across online platforms, such as white papers, news articles and blogs, the greater the page rank and the greater the return on leads.

— Investing in content marketing allows the audience to share and re-post content on behalf of the organization, becoming strong brand advocates and building a sense of expert status.

— Content market also allows for precise modifications to the keyword or content strategy based upon actual results. Keywords, article topics or social media posts that get great results can be emphasized; those that aren’t as successful can be changed or replaced.

More than half of organizations who participated in the study said they were investing in outside firms to achieve their content marketing goals. Investing in content marketing makes sense — it’s customized, can be tracked, and allows the message to grow a life of its own after a short period of time.