Integrating Video and GIFs Into Digital Marketing

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Visual Content Should be an Important Element of Your Marketing Plan

Implementing a digital marketing plan may feel like you’re heading into uncharted waters, but the truth is that social media and email newsletters are becoming standard in a typical company. If you want to get ahead of your competition, you’ve got to be a little more innovative and sell your brand in an unexpected way.

Integrating video and GIFs into your digital marketing is a great way to infuse a post with more life. Here are a few reasons why your digital marketing will benefit from adding in video and GIFs:

It helps tell your brand story. Remember when you sat down with your marketing team, determining the words, colors and values that go with your brand? A video can sum that up in about 15 seconds or less. With the right subject, theme and look, a video can tell aspects of your brand that you have trouble putting into words.

It’s good for short attention spans. There’s so much to see on social media that must be able to grab the attention of your audience in the first few seconds that they’re on your content. Include GIFs and video to capture their attention and summarize your content. Using visual content in a text-heavy blog or white paper can be refreshingly engaging for your audience.

It taps into the emotional side of your audience. Videos are useful for communicating feelings and values, so use them to help your audience experience what your company is about. They should have a sense that this is a company they want to do business with when they are ready to make a decision.

It’s great for visual storytelling. You’re communicating with all kinds of learners, so why not offer a video alongside the text that you’re publishing? It also enhances the learning experience for those that still prefer text by giving them another way to visualize what you’re sharing. If you’re selling a particular service, for instance, your descriptions and pricing might be accompanied by video testimonials of customers’ experiences.

Digital marketing trends often leave consumers overwhelmed with content. Make your marketing plan stand out by including video and GIFs alongside your text.

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