Instagram Marketing: Tips to Success

Grow your Instagram audience by engaging them, offering quality content.

Build an Audience with Quality Images

With 800 million users, Instagram continues to grow. Businesses have taken notice and make Instagram marketing part of their strategy for engaging a larger audience. However, if you find your Instagram followers plateauing and engagement stagnant, it’s time to shake things up.

Boring Content?

The saying goes that a picture says a thousand words, but that’s not true if it’s a bad picture. Worse yet is a boring photo with no caption.

What you need to do instead is take some risks and capture more exciting images that tell a story. Furthermore, you should take advantage of Instagram’s practically unlimited (2,200, which is more than you should use) characters and describe what’s going on and why it’s important.

Be Engaging with your Followers

When you get a comment, make sure you respond. It’s a pretty simple rule that all Instagram marketing campaigns should follow.

Avoiding any attempts at engaging with your followers results in them hitting that unfollow button.

Use Stories

Stories, a feature that came out in late 2016, has slowly become a useful tool, especially with videos, to give your followers another way to engage with your brand.

Make your stories more unique by adding stickers and geotags. Don’t get too busy with information as it can get confusing. Adding color overlays is also a great way to make more impactful visual statements.

Don’t Over Promote

Yes, you’re a marketer, but that doesn’t mean your Instagram marketing content has to be all about your organization.

Consumers are fairly savvy at tuning out overt marketing content, so you have to be smart about how you promote your organization. If you come off as trying to “sell” something, you’re going to push your target audience away.

Have a Focus

Consistency is important. Your followers shouldn’t scratch their heads wondering why you’re posting odd images that drift from your focus.

Once you’ve settled on the vision you want to express, and you know it works, don’t try to fix something that’s not broken.

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