Influencers: The Fuel Behind Successful Social Media Marketing

Have you Heard About This Social Media Trend?

What is it about these popular people that have such an impact on what others are interested in? It may seem like a trivial question, but these influencers represent a social media trend that is helping brands get a strong foothold on their target audience.

Popular people equal influence simply because people listen and want to mimic whatever is popular. That mentality is causing brand advocacy, just ask die-hard Apple users.

Social media marketing depends heavily on the response from users. That is why it is important to offer your target audience content they will likely share. The ripple effect that multiple shares can create is giving your content extended reach as well as boost visibility.

That visibility is where influencers come into play. Take the value of a raving testimony from a happy client and take it times one hundred. That is the value that influential users on social media can have on your target audience. When you integrate brand advocacy into your social media marketing plan, you have the ability to tap into their ready-made audience.

To take advantage of this social media trend, begin by looking at influential experts in areas where your brand shines. Whether those are speakers, authors, bloggers or individuals with a large social media following, they are the ones who will already have access to a large audience. Since they are already engaged, they are more likely to be highly interested in the topics you represent.

Here are ways you can reach influencers:

  • Tap into Twitter conversations by search hashtags and trending topics under the umbrella of your brand. If there are social media users who are getting a lot of interaction from the followers, start a conversation with them about your brand and the value you bring to the table.
  • Research top bloggers who are talking about similar solutions that your brand provides. Blogs are a great way to start interaction because of their comment sections and the many different platforms where bloggers are sharing links to specific posts. Respond in the comments of their posts and start conversations there.
  • Request feedback from influencers and ask them to assist you in telling your brand story. There may be many opportunities for you to collaborate and produce original content for your audience and their followers so it’s a win-win for both of you.

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