Is Influencer Marketing a Part of Your Customer Acquisition Strategy?

customer acquisition strategy

Reach Your Target Market Through an Influencer

Making influencer marketing a part of your customer acquisition strategy is a good move for reaching your target market. Many small- to mid-size companies dismiss the idea of influencer marketing because they wonder how they could possibly make contact with someone that’s influencing on the national level.

It’s a common mistake to believe that influencer marking is a “go big or go home” type of strategy. Instead, this is an instance where using someone close to home may be more effective for your customer acquisition strategy. Here are a few reasons to try it:

Increase your credibility: Choosing an influencer to guest blog or appear on your podcast gives your brand instant credibility and can help your target market get some context on who your company is. When it’s a complementary fit, the opportunity can be a way to build the creditability of all involved — your company and your influencer.

Your target market trusts their peers: People tend to mistrust companies, but trust peers, so if you have the opportunity to feature an influencer that represents their peers in the target market, reach out to them. Using testimonials and case studies are effective ways to harness influencers for your customer acquisition strategy.

Listen to your influencer to gain perspective on your brand and customers: Listening to an influencer talk about your brand or address an issue in the industry helps you better understand your company’s ability to add value to your customers as well as get a clear picture of how your brand is perceived.

Influencers offer reciprocal opportunities: Whenever you can, arrange to swap appearances with an influencer. If they ask you to appear on their podcast, invite them to yours, or invite them to guest blog or appear in a live video with you. Making contact with influencers often helps you build your own reputation as an influencer.

If you need help getting started with an influencer initiative, talk with our team at SJC Marketing. While influencer marketing can sound a little intimidating at first, it can quickly become a lot of fun as you network with people in your industry. Come sit down with us for a chat and a cup of coffee and we’ll help you get connected with a great plan for influencer marketing.