How to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook marketing strategy

Boost Brand Engagement With Improved Outreach

If it’s been a while since you redefined your Facebook marketing strategy, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach to this leading social media channel.

At the beginning of this year, Facebook announced it was changing its algorithm. This change led to a drop in organic reach. Organic reach has already been slipping in recent years, but have you changed your strategy to offset the slip in traffic and improve brand engagement?

Perhaps you’ve put more resources toward Facebook ads and have found success there. That’s a good tactic, but there are other tools you can also use to improve engagement.

Ask Questions

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who only talks and never asks questions? It can leave you feeling disengaged. It’s important to ask your target audience questions to engage with them.

For example, take a hot topic or two in your industry and formulate questions that will provoke conversation. If you want to take it to another level, announce a date and time where you’ll open the floor to an “ask me anything” session.

Not only are you taking the time to field queries from your followers, you’re likely to gain valuable insights, while improving your overall brand engagement.

It’s About the Timing

If you want to reach a friend about something, you likely are not going to call them at 4 a.m. The same can be said with Facebook posts.

More specifically, you can narrow it down to specific hours in the day where you get more interaction with your posts by conducting an experiment. When you notice the pattern, try sticking to it and watch your engagement improve.

Inject Your Account with Content

Do you have a company blog going on your website? Blogs are full of content that are of value to your followers. When you embed this content into your blog, people can interact with you, which increases engagement with your posts.

Being Facebook savvy isn’t something that comes completely natural to everyone. That’s why bringing in a third party to assist you can be important. At SJC Marketing, we can assist you in your social media strategy, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social media channel that is a good fit for your industry. Contact us today and we can help you redesign your Facebook marketing strategy.